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If a disaster were to strike access to food and water might be limited for hours, days, weeks, and maybe even months.  Storing an emergency supply of food and water will help you and your family  get through a disaster safe and sound. 

How Much to Store?
The first decision to make is what level of emergency supplies do you wish to store?  We've divided the levels into three's: 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months.  A few sources recommend storing a year's supply of food and water.

What to Store? Information coming soon

How to Store it? Information coming soon
 - Storage Area & Conditions
-  Storage Life & Deterioration (Food Safety and Quality)
-  Preventing Insects and Oxidation

What NOT to store - Information coming soon
Storing canned foods in areas that freeze
Storing any foods that can support microorganism growth
 - Storing unsalted butter
 - Storing raw whole eggs
 - Storing "potted" foods

Nutrition of Stored Foods Information coming soon
-  Storage Life & Deterioration (Nutritional Quality)
-  Storing Vitamins
-  Sprouting wheat

This section of the USU Food Safety Program is currently under development.  Look here often as we add our science-based information on Food Storage.