Utah Food Product Testing

The Utah State University Cooperative Extension Food Safety Program can help small food entrepreneurs produce SAFE foods.

We can analyze your food product to determine the risks for food borne illness (pathogen potential).  Please note that these services are performed as our time-permits.  We are not equipped for rapid turn-around.  Typically, analyses are completed within a few weeks and Process Authority letters are written shortly thereafter.  If Dr. Nummer is traveling, these times may be extended.  *If you need rush service we can provide a 3-7 day turn-around at an increased cost.  

Food product food safety analysis and "Process Letter"

We can analyze your recipe/process for: pH, brine pH, solids pH, water activity and/or other measurements to determine the risks and hazards associated with a particular food product. These basic food safety measurements must made on freshly prepared samples that are sent to U.S.U. (Logan). Results are used to support a "Process Authority" letter.  Many states, including Utah, require a process letter establishing the safety factors for processing certain foods.  This letter states a professional opinion of the food safety of a particular product and process. A Food Product food safety analysis is required to validate the safety parameters of the food product.  We will provide Process letters to states outside of Utah provided we are given the contact name and address of the regulatory authority. (see below).  Complex food products such as those with multiple layers, complex ingredients, or the like will require a higher fee.  To get started, please email Dr. Nummer brian.nummer@usu.edu.  

In-state Utah $75 (*Rush $125)   |   Out-of-state $150  (*Rush  $250)