Employee based food safety workshop

May Logan, UT

Behavior-(outcome) based Food Safety. This workshop is designed to provide the participant with insight into how employees are key to the success of any food safety program. It applies food science, behavioral science and organizational culture to focus on both the process and the people performing the process. 

  1. Introduction
    1. Foodborne illness and risks/hazards
  2. Foundations of Food Safety
    1. Food Code
    2. Facility & Equipment
    3. SOPs / GMPs and Sanitation
    4. HACCP
    5. Active Management Control
    6. Training and Education
  3. Introduction to Behavior (Behavior Safety)
    1. Behavioral Theory
    2. Social Cognitive Theory
    3. Health Belief Model
    4. Theory of reasoned Action
    5. Trans-theoretical theory
    6. Social Marketing
  4. Employee Behavioral Food Safety
  5. Knowledge, skills, and abilities
  6. Attitudes, demographics, multi-culturalism, communication
  7. Motivation
  8. Consequences (Reward and Punishment)
  9. Management Behavioral Food Safety
  10. Incorporate behavior into Food Safety Programs
    1. Have management expectations (food safety is important)
    2. Redesign/deliver education and training
    3. Communicate
    4. Set objectives for safe food behaviors
    5. Measure and assess behaviors
    6. Consequences
  11. The Concept of a Food Safety “Culture”
    1. Behavior change is complex
    2. Community thinking – shared values, persist over time,
    3. Buy-in

For registration or questions please call the Western Dairy Center at 435-797-2106 or email them at westcent@usu.edu