Nutrition Facts

At USU, the Genesis R&D software package from ESHA Research is used to generate FDA and USDA-compliant Nutrition Facts Panels.  Genesis R&D utilizes an extensive database of nutrient values for  thousands of ingredients to calculate nutritional information for your product.  This database contains average nutrient values determined by the USDA, as well as information from manufacturers for many brand-name ingredients.

The Genesis SQL program is available to use, free of charge, at the USU campus in Logan.  Click here to schedule an appointment or to download step-by-step instructions or a printable brochure.

Additional options include:

Genesis Software Tutorial........$35
If you prefer to generate your own labels, but have never used Genesis SQL or have questions about entering your product information, we will provide a 15-minute training session to get you started. 

Nutrition  Facts  Panels ........$45/ea
Using your formulation and ingredient specifications, we will generate nutrition facts panels for your products.  You will receive your label in a resizable .gif format,  ingredients listed by percent, and an extended nutrient report. Turn-around time is typically 2-3 weeks after we receive your complete product information.  Please contact us for instructions on submitting your information.

To  create  Nutrition  Facts Panels,  the following information is needed:
  • Complete product formulation.  This includes detailed descriptions and measurements of ingredients (example: 18 oz unbleached whole wheat pastry flour). Include brand names whenever possible.
  • Serving size (by weight) or the number of servings per batch.  If your product is baked, simmered, dried, etc., you must provide weights for both the raw and cooked serving sizes.
  • Package weight or volume, and the serving size or number of servings per package. If multiple package sizes will be used for a product, this information is needed for each package size.
  • Package information for specialty ingredients.  If you are using uncommon ingredients, they can easily be added to the database using information from their Nutrition Facts Panels.

Important! If your information is incomplete, it is not possible to create accurate nutrition facts panels.  Please double check all information prior to scheduling an appointment or requesting nutrition facts