Stem, wash, drain, peel, and remove pits if necessary. Measure fruit into large saucepan, crushing slightly if desired. Add 1 cup hot water for each quart of fruit. Cook slowly until fruit is soft, stirring frequently. Press through sieve or food mill. If desired for flavor, add sugar to taste. Return pulp to boil or heat until sugar dissolves. Fill clean jars, leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Adjust lids and process. Remember to use processing time for local altitude (see chart below). Process either by boiling water bath or by pressure canning.

    apricton*This amount is also adequate for a 4-quart load.

    ** Many fruits that are typically packed in heavy syrup are excellent and tasteful products when packed in lighter syrups. It is recommended that lighter syrups be tried, since they contain fewer calories from added sugar.


    One large pomegranate yields between one-fourth to one-half cup of juice. To get the juice, crush or press the seeds. Seeds can be pressed in a sieve or food mill. Juice can also be extracted by whirling seeds, 1 1/2 cups at a time, in a blender or food processor until liquefied, then straining them. Strain crushed pulp through a double thickness of cheesecloth or nylon netting to remove seeds. Another method of obtaining juice is to cut the fruit in half and use a juice press or juicer. Press, do not twist the fruit. The rind contains tannin, which gives the juice a bitter taste. Place the juicer in the sink to avoid splattering. Strain juice.