Frequently Asked Questions


In order to make protein in our bodies, to grow and form new tissues, all eight essential amino acids or building blocks must be present from the food eaten. The only foods which contain all eight of these building blocks are meat, fish, poultry eggs, and milk products. When these foods are not eaten, as in a vegetarian's diet, care must be taken in combining foods eaten so proper growth occurs. Complimenting proteins should be done within the same day.

Examples of combining foods to make complimentary protein combinations:
Beans + Milk
Beans + Sesame seeds
Cereal + Legumes
Corn + Soybeans
Cornmeal + Soy + Milk
Potatoes + Milk
Rice + Legumes
Rice + Milk
Rice + Sesame seeds
Rice + Soy
Rice + Wheat + Soy
Wheat + beans
Wheat + Milk or Cheese
Wheat + Soy + Sesame seeds

There are several vegetarian cookbooks available that are tasty variations of these combinations.