Johne's disease
Utah Johne’s Disease Herd Status Program

Dr. Clell Bagley, D.V.M.
USU Extension Veterinarian

    A state Johne’s Disease Committee has been meeting monthly for the past several months to discuss Johne’s Disease (JD) in Utah and how to help livestock producers deal with it. Some producers need a Herd Status Program to enable them to market their seedstock or embryos to other states. Other producers feel their herd is free of JD, want to keep it free, and need some help (advice and regulatory) to do that. Many other producers need information to better understand the disease and how it might impact them.

    Greg Radmall and Dr. Earl Rogers, Assistant State Veterinarian, are the co-chairs of the committee. A variety of livestock producer group representatives and veterinarians have been present at the meetings.

    At the August meeting, a Herd Status Program was adopted for Utah. Participation in this program is entirely voluntary, but it gives producers who want to participate the opportunity for “certification” of their herd status in relation to JD. The program adopted was developed by a national committee on JD and was accepted with only a minor addition regarding animal identification.

    An internet Web Page has been established for the JD Committee by the USU Extension Service. It contains the minutes of the several meetings, links to national sites on JD, and the recently accepted Utah Herd Status Program. You may view it at:
    Many of our Utah dairy herds are probably currently free of JD. You may want to learn more about this disease and, if your herd is free of JD, how to keep it that way. Several producer meetings this fall and winter will provide speakers with information on JD. It may be worth your time to attend one of these for an update.