-- abstracted from AABP Newsletter, January and July 1996

Dipyrone is an unapproved prescription product which has been permitted to be sold under regulatory discretion. The labeled use of dipyrone is as an injectable analgesic/antipyretic for horses, dogs and cats. The label specifically prohibits the use of this product in food-producing animals. The scientific literature lacks adequate data to show that dipyrone is safe and effective in animals. There is no information on pharmacokinetics, and no regulatory method for assay of dipyrone residue or its metabolites in milk or meat.

On April 10, 1996, the chief of the Milk Safety Branch released the following statement (in part): "Dipyrone is not approved for use in animals. Dairy farmers, veterinarians and consultants should be aware that the use of dipyrone is illegal drug use. Drug manufacturers/distributors have been given until September 1996 to remove this drug from distribution/sales channels. If dipyrone is observed on a dairy farm during a rating or check rating inspection after March 1, 1997, it would be in violation of Item 16r(i) of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance."

This would be a major deduction on a federal inspection of a dairy farm.