Plug-in Descriptions

Plug-in Descriptions:

  • Analytics: This basically tracks all the usage/ page views/ etc. of your website. It provides a huge amount of data for you to view and use. 
  • Calendar: This allows you to post events and allow the public to view the events of any given day. There are also several searching and filtering options associated with the calendar. A good example of this plugin can be seen @
  • Directory: This is used to organize and display faculty/ staff/ etc. which can be searched and/or filtered. A good example can be found here:
  • FAQ: This is a complex system for accepting and categorizing frequently asked questions. An example can be seen @
  • Form Mail: This plugin allows you to easily construct simple web forms that people can fill out which will then be emailed to the recipient(s) you choose. This is an example:
  • Google Map: It’s best to just see this one:
  • Mass Emailer: This allows you to create structured emails with a premade template to a saved list of recipients. The most common use for this is a weekly or monthly newsletter. There isn’t really a way to show you an example of this one.
  • News Blogger: This allows you to insert news stories that will then be shown and archived on an easy to use page. An example of this is @
  • Photo Tour: This allows you to upload photos into groups and then the public can easily view them on the website. An example can be seen here:
  • Publications: This acts as a repository of downloadable files. A large example of this is @
  • Quiz: This is a simple plugin that allows you ask a few simple questions to your audience. I don’t have an example of this one.
  • Scheduler: This facilitates the scheduling of resources such as rooms or equipment. One of the best examples of this would be the at the FACT Center website:
  • Site Map: This allows people to easily see all the pages on your site.
  • Slide Show: This plugin has only been used once. It is pretty simple without many options: (It is the ‘Spotlight’ section on the that home page.)
  • Survey: This allows you set up complex surveys for people to fill out. There are a lot of options for this one. There isn’t really a way for me to show you this one.