Food Preservation Entry Guidelines

Food Preservation Entry Guidelines

  1. No freezer jams accepted.
  2. All jams/jellies, fresh fruit, pickled products, salsa and tomato products must be processed using the boiling water bath method.
  3. All meat and vegetable products must be processed using the pressure canner method.
  4. All products must be processed according to Utah altitude adjustment for USDA processing times.
  5. All products must be canned in standard canning jars - 1/2 pint, 1 pint, or quart jars. All vacuum seals must be intact.
  6. Label each jar on the bottom with the following information: (should be legibly printed or typed)

a) Name of exhibitor.

b) Name of recipe/source of recipe, i.e. USDA, Kerr, Ball, or pectin brand name.

c) Date canned.

d) Processing method and time - water bath, pressure canner, using correct altitude adjustments for your area.