County Fair

The 2015 Duchesne County Fair will be held August 3rd - August 8th.

4-H is a very vital part of the Duchesne County Fair. Every year, the USU Extension helps plan and operate the Jr. Livestock Show so 4-Her's all over the county can have the opportunity to show and sell the animals they raise during the summer. Youth wishing to enter the Livestock Show can do so either through 4-H or FFA. For more information regarding the Jr. Livestock Show and how to get started, please contact the USU Extension Office.

The 4-H Program also hosts the 4-H Exhibit Building where 4-Her's can enter in projects they have worked on to be displayed and judged. Entrants can win state quality purple ribbons, first place blue ribbons, second place red ribbons, and green Cloverbud ribbons (for youth 2nd grade and younger). Premium money will also be distributed to entrants based on the ribbon class. Items 4-Her's can enter include: Garden Produce, Flower Arrangements, Crazy Critters, Baked Goods, Decorated Cakes, Canned Items, Bread Sculptures, Drawings, Paintings, Ceramics, Sewn Textiles, Quilts and Blankets, Lego and K'Nex Creations, Bug Collections, Woodwork, Beaded Items, Jewelry, Scrapbook Pages, Original Stories, Original Poetry, Photography, Science Displays, Childcare Displays, etc.

For a full list of items that can be entered in the fair, please click here. For additional information or questions, please contact the USU Extension Office.

The 4-H Jr. Contests are also a part of the Duchesne County Fair, and more information on them can be found by clicking here.