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The Civil Rights Electronic Self Assessment Tool is designed to provide each USU Extension employee with the opportunity to self assess their understanding of key Civil Rights regulations, laws, and procedures. The tool simulates the topics and questions one might be asked to respond to in a formal Civil Rights audit. Determine your knowledge level and interactively click the response selection dot adjacent to the question that most closely matches your understanding. You should notice that if you need improvement in a question area there are on-line resource materials available to help you improve your understandings in that area. These resources can be accessed by clicking the highlighted colored type font in the question area of the tool.

If you need improvement in a particular question area there is an interactive self improvement box at the end of the tool in which you type your improvement plan. Be sure to specify in the improvement plan box the number and letter associated with your plan. e.g. 8a – Plan to better understand the racial and ethnic makeup of the county in which I work by reviewing the most current US Census information.

Upon completion of the assessment tool, along with any necessary improvement plans, click the button at the end of the tool “Assessment Completed”. A certificate of self assessment is provided that should be printed and filed in your personal civil rights reference materials. [If you are employed by Extension in a County office please provide a hard copy of your personal self assessment to the County Director for the County Central Civil Rights File.] Annually review your understanding of key civil rights law, regulations and procedures by retaking this civil rights assessment and documenting your efforts with a new printed certificate.


Civil Rights Laws...

USU Extension has a societal obligation to provide equal and non-biased service and program access to all. The laws section of this web site provides instructions and procedures to assist in the application of civil rights statutes, laws and directives in Extension programs.
  • 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act - Title I and V of this act describe all you need to know
  • And Justice for All - Letter
  • All Reasonable Efforts
  • Civil Rights Requirements in Extension Role Statements
  • EEO/Civil Rights 2004 Updates
  • Groups Certifying Non-Discrimination 
  • Potential Social and Economic Barriers to Participation
  • Public Notification Plan
  • Reference Description of Various Civil Rights Regulations - A list of laws, acts and regulations from 1866 to 1991 which establish and address Civil Rights procedures


Civil Rights Compliance Review Resources

Extension compliance reviews are conducted periodically by USDA-NIFA as required by federal  law and the US Department of Justice civil rights regulations. These resources provide a standard civil rights documentation of effort for state, county, and faculty and should be referred to when building civil rights documentation files. A copy of the current federal civil rights compliance review standards is provided.

Forms and Guides...

Having good tools to accomplish "the job" and fulfill expectations is critical to success. This section contains tools, forms, guides and resources to assist in better meeting civil rights expectations with the audiences we serve.
  • 4-H Expansion and Review Orientation