Backyard Chickens


Backyard Chickens

Raising backyard chickens has become popular in Davis County. Raising chickens provides for fresh eggs, meat, enhancing self-sustainability, providing prime manure for garden and flower bed fertilizer, and teaching youth responsibility. This website is devoted to providing resources on all aspects of raising chickens and also answers questions about eggs and egg production. For questions about raising chickens please contact Justen Smith at 801-451-3413 or e-mail

For a direct link to the USU Extension Chicken website including education resources on Avian Influenza please go to:

Please click on the links below under each subject heading to find out more about raising chickens and egg production.

Raising Backyard Chickens

Considerations in Raising Small Backyard Flocks of Poultry

Basics of Raising Backyard Chickens

Housing Backyard Chickens

Causes and Control of Selected Diseases Related to Backyard Chickens in Utah

Principles of Feeding Small Flocks of Chickens at Home

Molting and Determining Production of Laying Hens

Egg Production

Common Questions About Eggs

Proper Egg Handling and Care

Baby Chicks and Embryology

To learn more about Embryology (hatching chicks) and places to purchase fertilized eggs please click here

Handling Baby Poultry