4-H High Adventure Program

The 4-H High Adventure Program is new to 4-H and started in January 2014 in Davis County. Youth ages 12 to 18 will participate in activities such as ice fishing, summer fishing trips, snowshoeing, summer and winter hikes, summer campouts throughout Utah, outdoor survival training, GPS training, and conduct trail restoration service projects in the mountains of Davis County. Youth participating in this program must be well disciplined, in good physical condition, committed to the program, and willing to follow instructions. This program has limited enrollment. Please contact Justen Smith at (801) 451-3413 or justen.smith@usu.edu for more information.

4-H High Adventure Schedule 2014

Winter Hike  (March)

Date: Saturday, March 8th
Time:All participants meet in the Farmington Courthouse parking lot at 10:00 am. We will then take 2 or 3 vehicles to transport everyone up near the fire break road above Farmington and the trail head.
Location:We will be hiking to Patsy’s mine (an old silver mine that is located on the trail to Flag Rock) and continue on to Flag Rock (trail is east of Farmington in the mountains).  Estimated total hiking time plus stopping for lunch will be 4 hours.
Trail Description:
Fantastic views of the Great Salt Lake, Farmington Bay, and South Davis County. We will stop at Patsy's mine and stop to look into the mine. 
Flag Rock has an American flag which was placed in memory of the emergency personnel who perished on 9/11. The climb is symbolic of the climb the rescuers took up the Twin Towers since the elevators were not usable. The height of the valley floor to the flag is the same height as the Twin Towers were.
Patsy's mine goes straight into the rock for 150 feet. The mine was dug with steam power at the turn of the century over a 20 year period by Patsy Morley, an Irish prize fighter. He hiked every day from Farmington's Main street certain he was about to hit a rich silver vein...then one day he mysteriously disappeared. Bring a flashlight if you want to venture inside the mine. 
Elevation rise of this hike is close to 1500 ft. The trail is good; it is mainly smooth and not rocky. There are many switchbacks as we climb up and the views are breathtaking.
What to bring:Depending on the weather we will dress warm (if cold) but if a nice day lighter clothes. Wear good hiking shoes or boots with good socks. Bring gloves. Bring a change of shirt and jacket and plenty of water. I would make sure you have a minimum of 3 bottles of water. You will carry all this in your day pack so stay as light as possible. For lunch I will provide each person with a MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). This is a military all in one ready to eat lunch that you can easily put in your day pack. We will eat lunch when we reach Flag Rock and enjoy the great view while we are eating.

Fishing Trip (April)

Date: Saturday, April 19th
Time:  Plan on leaving around 6 a.m. We will probably meet at the Farmington Courthouse parking lot first then depart. Actual meeting place before departure will depend on weather and where we end up going.
Location:  Plan A will be going to Strawberry Reservoir and fishing from the bank during what is called “ice off” when the ice is receding from the shore leaving open water and the fish come into the shallow water to feed. If the ice is still on the lake and weather is bad we will plan on going to Mantua lake (Plan B) up Logan canyon. 
Activity Description:  
Fishing for rainbow trout and cutthroat trout if going to Strawberry or if going to Mantua fishing for rainbow trout, perch, crappie, and bass.

What to bring:  Adequate clothing depending on the weather. Fishing pole (if you don’t have one I have plenty), fishing license, your own tackle box and tackle if you have it (if you don’t I will be bringing plenty), camp chair, sack lunch, drinks, and snacks. I will provide the bait.

Camping Trip and Trail Restoration Service Project (May)

Date: Friday and Saturday, May 30th and 31st
Time: All participants meet in the Farmington Courthouse parking lot at 3 pm. We will then take 2 or 3 vehicles to transport everyone up Farmington Canyon to the campsite.
Location: Farmington Flats (on top of the mountain above Farmington canyon)
Activity Description:
Friday we will set up camp and do some dutch oven cooking and short exploration hikes around Farmington Flats. On Saturday we will hike down the Farmington Spine trail from Skyline Drive and do some spring trail restoration on the upper level of the Farmington Spine Trail. After doing some restoration on the upper trail we will continue down the Farmington Spine trail ending up at Farmington Ponds in the valley late afternoon on Saturday. Those who want can stay and fish Farmington Ponds Saturday evening. The pond will have been freshly stocked with fish by then. While on the trail I will teach youth how to interpret trail signs/markings, how to make distress signals if lost, and go over basic emergency preparedness when hiking. Camping gear and supplies will be driven down the canyon by Extension staff so it will not need to be packed on the hike. Farmington Spine provides amazing views of the mountains and of the valley below. We will be hiking through thick pines, aspen groves, and maple groves.

What to bring: 
Tent, sleeping bag, pad, camping gear, good hiking shoes/boots, change of clothes, snacks. I will provide dinner for everyone and a MRE (meal ready to eat) for the hike but everyone should bring something for breakfast that can be eaten quickly. Bring a pair of work gloves and plenty of water. 

: If some of you don’t have camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, pads, etc. please let me know. I have plenty of extra gear.

High Adventure Camping Trip- Potters Ponds (June)

Date: ThursdayFridaySaturdayJune 12th, 13th, 14th 

Time: All participants meet in the Farmington Courthouse parking lot at 9 am on Thursday, June 12th. 

Location: Potters Ponds located in Millers Flat area of the Manti La Sal National Forest.

Activity Description:
Potter’s Ponds is located in the beautiful alpine valley of Miller’s Flat in the Manti La Sal National Forest in the counties of Sanpete and Emery. Elevation in this area ranges from 8,000 to 11,000 feet. There are 5 great reservoirs within a 30 minute radius of our camping area. Our group will go canoeing, fishing, hiking, and have wonderful dutch oven meals.  This is some of the most beautiful scenery in Utah.

What to bring: Tent, sleeping bag, pad, camping gear, good hiking shoes/boots, flashlight, clothes for 3 days, warm clothing (it gets cold at nights), rain jacket/pants (I have extra if you don’t have rain gear), snacks/drinks. I will provide breakfast and dinner for everyone on Friday. All other meals will be on your own. Bring fishing poles and tackle if you have it. If you donI will have this equipment available. I will also bring bait (worms and some power bait) but if you want more variety please bring your own. PLEASE NOTE: If some of you don’t have camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, pads, etc. please let me know. I have plenty of extra gear.

Snowbasin Mountain Biking Trip (thank you to Jay Davis for looking into the itinerary for this trip) (July)

Tentative Date: Saturday, July 19th 

Time: To be announced later

Location: Snowbasin/Maple Campground area ending by Pineview Reservoir

Activity Description:
Rent bikes for those who do not have bikes.  Start early in the morning and ride a fairly flat/downhill trail that ends at the mouth of Pineview reservoir. Eat lunches at Pineview and load up vehicles.

Snowbasin Mtn Biking




Item Cost

Bike Rental



$    50.00

Lift Rental



$    20.00


What to bring: Mountain bike if you have one. If you do not have one, then plan on renting one. Clothes appropriate for mountain biking. I will provide MRE’s for lunch.  Day pack to carry water and MRE’s in. Plenty of water.

Antelope Island Hike (October)


Date: Saturday, October 18th

Time: Meet in courthouse parking lot at 10:30 AM, Pick up in Courthouse Parking lot at 2:00 PM

Activity Description: We will be hiking on Antelope Island, eating sack lunches and finishing with a scenic drive around the island before the buffalo roundup. 

Please bring:




*Wear sturdy hiking shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather. 

 We will be providing the s'mores supplies.

Strawberry Reservoir Ice Fishing (December)

Date: Saturday December 13th


PLEASE NOTE: We will not be doing a 4-H High Adventure Activity in August because of the Davis County Fair.