CWT Price Calculator

Dr. Allen Young
USU Dairy Extension Specialist

I have no desire to see any dairies go out of business, but if you are contemplating putting in a bid for the CWT buy-out, this program may be very useful to you. It is a stand-alone program that you can download from Cornell University. The web site is:

The download file is a *.zip file which means you need to have the WinZip program on your computer to uncompress it. The uncompressed file is a little over 2 MB. All you have to do is uncompress the file, then click on the resulting *.ext file. The program was developed by two ag economists from Cornell and is designed to help you download a copy of the bid form from the Internet, as well as help you determine a bid price using 3 scenarios. The first scenario is if you are going to retire anyway, the next is if you plan to repopulate the herd immediately, and the third is if you plan to retire sooner than expected. If you are serious about submitting a realistic bid, this program may be a good place to start. If you need help with getting the file, give me a call at (435) 797-3763. ©