Robotic Milkers

Dr. Allen Young
USU Extension Dairy Specialist

Robotic milkers, also called automatic milking, have historically been considered a curiosity. However, more and more are being built in the United States, with one in current use in Montana. The idea for the web site this month came from a newsletter I received from Maine, and is the site of a project on automatic milking that originates in the Netherlands. The site is:


This site contains an area called project results that contains many articles, reports, presentations, and other pieces of information regarding this topic. Some of the articles are in Dutch; however, many are in English, so don�t despair. In addition, there is an area for news and links to other related sites that contains the proceedings from a symposium held on this subject in 2000. Adoption rate for this technology will probably never be very high, but it is always fun to wonder how it would be to have a milker that never sleeps. ©