Dr. Allen Young
USU Extension Dairy Specialist

    As many of you may remember, our speaker for the dairy seminars in 1997 was Gregory Billikopf from the University of California. He maintains an excellent web site on Agricultural Labor Management, which is this issue�s web site of the month. The URL is

    There are several areas to visit at this site, including access to the complete text of two important publications. They are Labor Management in Ag: Cultivating Personnel Productivity and Employee Incentive Pay in Dairies (3rd Edition). These can be read on-line or downloaded to your computer. Both are excellent and I have used material from these to teach classes at the university. Some of the material is not specifically dairy-related, but the concepts are the same and I think you can readily apply it to your situation.

    Other points of interest at this site are areas dealing with labor laws, employee issues and farm family relations, and results of applied research on labor. You can even sign up to belong to a discussion list and submit questions or lurk in the shadows and see what others have to say.

    The one thing which I think is most useful about the site is that much of the material is also available in a Spanish version and much of the research is focused on Hispanic labor.

    For one-stop shopping on Agricultural Labor, this is the site for you. ©