WEB SITE OF THE MONTH - CWT -- Cooperatives Working Together

Dr. Allen Young
USU Extension Dairy Specialist

This month�s web site is one of importance to all dairy farmers. It is the site of the CWT program and the URL is:

The CWT program is one in which milk cooperatives have banded together to help increase the price of milk through herd retirement, reduced market production, and increased exports. It is funded through an assessment on dairy farmers. The money is then used to finance the three areas of the program.

The site describes the program, has answers to frequently asked questions, and forms for participation. When you click on the �CWT Approach� you not only get details of the three areas of the program, but at the bottom is a clickable U.S. map that will allow you to see how much production is targeted for each area of the U.S. The West is targeted the heaviest. I urge you to check out this site, and if you feel you want to participate, you should get your application in as soon as possible (as forms go, this one looks very easy to fill in). The end goal of this program is to raise your milk price. ©