Web Site of the Month
Federal Milk Marketing Administrator�s Site

Dr. Allen Young
USU Extension Dairy Specialist

If you recall, in the last few years the number of Federal Milk Marketing Orders was reduced and the remaining orders had their boundaries changed. In short, Utah and Idaho were combined into Order 135. In April 2002, a hearing was held in Salt Lake City to give comments to the Milk Marketing Administrator on proposed changes to the rules governing Order 135. Even if you haven�t heard about the hearings, you can get an idea of what the testimony was going to be about and the supporting documentation that was part of the hearing by going to the web site for the Milk Marketing Administrator for Order 135. Currently, the text from the hearing is not available at the site, but I think it will be available as soon as it has been compiled. The URL for the market administrator, who is in Seattle is:


Click on Market Administrator�s News and the first few items pertain to the hearing. It is also interesting to look around at the other information found at this site. Personally, I was surprised by the amount of California milk that ends up in this order. ©