Foot & Mouth Disease

Dr. Allen Young
USU Extension Dairy Specialist

    Many people are concerned about the threat of introduction of Foot and Mouth Disease into the United States. I have tried to compile several web sites containing good, general information on Foot and Mouth Disease into one site. This site is listed under the USU Dairy Extension Web page located at the reference given below:


    Scroll down until you see the contents list and this site should be the first item. You can also access this site through the USU Extension Animal Health web page. Our goal is to help you become informed so that you can make rational decisions concerning your livestock enterprise. If you find other sites that you think should also be listed, please let me know.

    This is also a good time to mention that the whole USU Extension web site has been redesigned. This has caused our dairy site address to change, so please take note and update your records.