Dr. Allen Young
USU Extension Dairy Specialist

    Each issue I am going to try to spotlight a different WEB site that I think would be useful to dairy producers and dairy industry support people. This month I have chosen Pennsylvania State University's Dairy Cattle Nutrition site. This is a great resource containing information in the areas of nutrition and feed management for cows and heifers in the form of on-line copies of many of their popular publications. It also contains an interesting segment called newborn calf learning center, which has interactive segments on calf raising and nutrition from their recent satellite teleconference. The site also contains lists of videos which can be purchased, as well as links to other sites. If you are interested in a good site on nutrition, I suggest you check this one out at the following URL:


    Many of these sites can also be accessed by going to the USU Dairy Extension web site and clicking on Useful Web Sites. The URL for this site is:

                http://extension.usu.edu/coop/ag/dairy/ ©