Central Utah Diagnostic Laboratory

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food and the Utah State University Experiment Station announce the opening of a new Central Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, located in Nephi. An Open House will be held July 21, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Veterinarians, livestock producers and others who utilize veterinary diagnostic laboratory services are welcome. The open house will begin with a brief program, followed by tours and refreshments. The Laboratory is located at 1451 South Main Street in Nephi.

The new facility will replace the laboratory in Provo that has been in service since 1979. Veterinarians and animal owners are encouraged to use the laboratory for assistance with the diagnoses of animal diseases.

In addition to the new facility, two new staff positions are being provided. One will be a full-time office assistant and the other a serologist/microbiologist. An increased array of assays, including those requiring advanced technology such as PCR, will soon be offered.

The new facility includes a powerful lift to unload large animals and a hydraulic necropsy table to improve necropsy access. An incinerator is on site to allow disposal of carcasses that are unsuitable for rendering. The lobby in the new building doubles as a conference room, where continuing education meetings can be held. Supportive media equipment will be on site.

Please plan to attend the Open House and become acquainted with this excellent new Laboratory! ©