Changes in Veterinary Extension Assignments

Dr. Clell Bagley has been given a new assignment for half of his time as Extension Program Leader for Agriculture and Natural Resources. He will continue with the other half of his time as Extension Veterinarian.

Dr. Eleanor Jenson will serve half-time as an Extension Veterinarian and her other half-time role will be as a Clinical Veterinarian, caring for the university�s animal health needs.

Dr. Jenson grew up on a dairy farm in Bennington, Idaho. While growing up, she milked cows, rode horses to herd cattle, raised pigs, sheep, and poultry, moved sprinkler pipes, and operated farm equipment.

Eleanor received her Associate degree from Ricks College, followed by her Bachelor of Science degree from Utah State University. With Dr. Noelle Cockett as her mentor, she received her Masters degree in Bioveterinary Science from USU. Her work during that time involved creating an ovine karyotype for sheep affected with Spider Lamb Snodrome. In 1999 she received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University. Since then, she has worked in private veterinary practice.

Dr. Jenson can be contacted in the Veterinary Science Building (VSB 203), UMC 5600, phone: (435) 797-7197, e-mail: Please get acquainted with her. ©