New Videotape - �The Milking School� (English and Spanish)

Dr. Clell V. Bagley, D.V.M.
USU Extension Veterinarian

    We recently produced a videotape here at USU, titled �The Milking School.� It contains both English and Spanish language versions (30 and 33 minutes). The video tape is focused on teaching novice personnel how to milk cows. There is a brief overview of milking equipment and a small segment on handling cows. Most of the information is on the step by step procedure of cow preparation and management of the milking equipment on the cow. The goal was to avoid �talking heads� and show the cows, equipment, workers and very specific steps - and to make it available in Spanish as well as English.

    Producers may borrow the videotape from their County Agent or purchase a copy by sending $25 (checks made payable to Utah State University), along with a note of request and a mailing address to: Dr. Clell Bagley, Utah State University, 5600 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-5600. The price includes shipping and handling.

    If more detailed information is needed on equipment, mastitis and several other aspects of milking, the computer / Internet version (also titled �The Milking School�) is still available at or (and then select �The Milking School�). ©