Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Receives Johne�s Grant

Dr. Allen Young
USU Extension Dairy Specialist

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food has received a grant from USDA/APHIS/VS to continue administering the Voluntary Johne�s Disease Control Program for Utah. As concerns increase for a potential relation between this disease in cattle and Crohn�s disease in humans, it is wise for producers to implement the management needed to control it.

There are several ways producers can use this program to assist them to reduce their costs for testing and herd evaluation. Depending on the current status of the herd, funds from this program can be used to:

1. Pay laboratory costs for ELISA testing of 30 animals per herd in those herds that have not previously participated. It is a high priority for the state to test herds that have not previously been tested;

2. Pay the laboratory cost of fecal testing for all animals classified positive (S/P ratio > 0.25) by the ELISA screening test;

3. Pay for whole herd ELISA testing of herds that have previously confirmed positive animals in the herd by the fecal culture test;

4. Pay a certified veterinarian to perform a Risk Analysis in a herd and develop a Management Plan with the producer;

5. Provide educational training to producer groups and certification training to veterinarians.

As a member of the Utah Johne�s Disease Committee, I strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to determine your herd�s status with regard to this very important disease. The value of going through the Risk Analysis and developing a Management Plan is well worth the effort and will strengthen the management and health of your dairy. If you wish to participate, contact Dr. Earl Rogers at the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food at (801) 538-4910. ©