Utah Dairy Among Top Jersey Herds in the Nation

The American Jersey Association recently released a list of the top Jersey herds in the nation ranked by the Jersey Performance Index (JPI), which is a composite of herd Predicted Transmitting Ability and Economic Merit for 6 traits: Milk (PTAM), Fat (PTAF), Protein (PTAP), Cheese Merit (CM$), Net Merit (NM$), and Fluid Merit (FM$). The average index for the top 25% of Jersey Herds was +47. The Jersey herd owned by Dean Blackhurst of Lindon, Utah ranked 15th nationally on the index with a score of +108 on 158 cows. The scores for the 6 categories in the JPI in this herd were PTAM = 628, PTAF = 28, PTAP = 24, CM$ = 219, NM$ = 210, FM$ = 192. ©