Black Henbane


Hyoscyamus niger

Background: Black henbane is a native plant of Europe commonly found in waste areas, pastures, along rights-of-way, and fence lines. It is poisonous to both animals and humans. However, it has medical use in controlled circumstances.

Other common names: Hog's bean

Description: As either an annual or biennial, black henbane grows one to three feet tall. Leaves have pointed lobes and prominent veins. Off-white flowers with purple centers and veins are one to two inches wide bearing pineapple-shaped fruit in leaf axils. Each fruit has five lobes and contains hundreds of tiny black seeds. Bloom occurs in late spring.

Control: Bio-control is not available. Herbicides can be very effective when applied during rosette to bloom stages. Digging can offer some control. Contact your local state or county weed specialist for specific updated information.