Yellow Toadflax


Linaria vulgaris

Background: Yellow toadflax came from Eurasia. It is an aggressive invader of rangeland, roadsides, field edges, and waste areas. An extensive root system makes this weed difficult to control. It reproduces by seeds and roots.

Other common names: Butter and eggs, toadflax

Description: This perennial weed grows to two feet tall. Leaves are two and one-half inches in length, narrow, and pointed. Flowers are about one inch long, yellow with an orange throat, and have long tails. They look similar to snap dragon flowers. Bloom is in late spring into summer. Fruits are small one-fourth inch, two-celled berry-like capsules containing many seeds.

Control: A few biocontrol agents are available and offer fair control. Herbicides can offer good control. Contact your local state or county weed specialist for specific updated information.