Master Gardener

Utah State University Master Gardener Program Overview
The role of Master Gardeners is to assist USU Extension by providing unbiased, research-based horticultural information and education to the community.


Master Gardener Volunteer Program

The "Master"  does not mean you know everything about gardening.  The "Master" in Master Gardener means you are a horticulture volunteer for Utah State University Extension.  The purpose of the Utah Master Gardener Program is to develop a network of trained volunteers who can provide the citizens of Utah with research-based information and technical assistance in gardening and home horticulture. 

Master Gardeners may volunteer at several projects throughout Carbon County. The Master Gardener program involves a significant time commitment.  A minimun of 40 hours of a college-level horticulture course taught by Utah State University Extension Specialists, Extension Agents, and other expterts and another 40 hours of hands-on volunteer project work to become a Master Gardener.

Carbon and Emery County Master Gardeners meet together between locations in each county. Classroom training begins in January.

Contact the Extension Office at 636-3233 for more information.