Apricot Varieties

Zone 5. Early variety. Large oval fruit with a bright waxy orange ground color. The flesh is deep orange, firm, and fine textured. Trees and vigorous and productive. Resistant to winter injury. Requires pollination, and is not pollinated by Perfection.

Zone 5. Large oval fruit with a light orange skin and a red blush. Mildly flavored deep orange flesh. Low acid. Tree is vigorous and productive. Rival requires cross pollination. It flowers early and may not pollinate well with later flowering varieties. Can be used as a pollinator for Goldrich and Perfection.

Zone 5. Produces large fruit. The flesh and skin are a bright orange-yellow. Good flavored fruit has a firm texture and ships well. Requires cross pollination and will not pollinate Goldrich.

Chinese (‘Mormon’)-
Zone 4. Fruit is medium to large in size. The skin and flesh are yellow to medium-orange. It has a good flavor and texture. An early bearing, heavy producing variety. Self fertile, and will pollinate other varieties. Blooms late and often avoids damage from late frosts. The pit can be dried and then cracked open, yielding a sweet edible nut.

Zone 5. Large, oval fruit with a light yellow-orange skin. Yellow flesh with excellent flavor for fresh eating. Good for drying and home canning. Very productive. Self fertile, and a good pollinator for late varieties.

Zone 4. Medium to small fruit which has a golden yellow skin with a dark red blush. Firm, golden flesh with distinctive flavor. A vigorous tree which typically bears a large crop. Very hardy and resistant to late frost. Excellent for fresh eating, drying, or canning. Self fertile.