Apple Varieties

Zone 3. The medium sized fruit is similar to Yellow Transparent but ripens earlier, keeps better, and is slightly larger. Thick greenish-yellow skin. White flesh is crisp with a rich, tart flavor. This variety tends to be an alternate year bearer. Excellent for cooking as well as for fresh eating. Very hardy tree.

Zone 4. Medium to large sized round fruit with red skin and tart, yellow flesh. Colors extremely early and ripens early. 

Gala ‘Gale’-
Zone 5. Medium sized fruit with a nice, uniform red color. Stores very well, and the flavor of its firm, juicy, yellow flesh remains very sweet throughout its storage life. 

Zone 5. Medium sized apple with a reddish blush over yellow background. Firm yellow flesh with a crisp, sweet flavor.

Zone 4. A good tart apple for cooking and eating. Mostly red skin over a yellow background. Crispy white flesh with hints of pink. Very hardy tree. Bears at a young age. Stores well.

Zone 4. Large red fruit that colors earlier than other McIntosh varieties. Deep red skin. Juicy, aromatic, white flesh with excellent tart flavor. Superb for applesauce. Hardy tree.

Zone 4. Medium to large apple with mostly red skin over a yellow background. Crisp, juicy flesh with excellent sweet-tart flavor. Great for fresh eating and cooking. Stores very well. Very hardy.

Golden Delicious-
Zone 5. Medium to large apple with clear yellow skin. Crisp, Juicy white flesh with a mild, sweet flavor. Excellent for eating and cooking. Bears fruit early and produces heavy crops. Stores very well. Excellent pollinator for other varieties.

Elliot Gold-
Zone 5. Medium to large fruit with elongated round shape. Fruit is crispy with fine spicy-sweet flavor and a hint of tartness. Skin color is golden-yellow with a pinkish-red blush.

Red Delicious-
Zone 5. Large red fruit with crisp, juicy, white flesh. Mildly sweet flavor.

Zone 5. The fruit is large with firm, juicy, crisp flesh. Outstanding sweet flavor. The skin color is an orange-yellow tinged with red stripes. The tree is vigorous and productive. Golden Delicious will not pollinate a Jonagold. A cross between Jonathon and Golden Delicious.

Zone 5. Large apple with bright red striping over a yellow-green background. Fruit is crisp with a juicy, sweet-tart flavor and outstanding storage quality.

Zone 5. Medium to large fruit with a predominant orange-red blush over a yellow background color. Its flesh is firm, crisp, and very juicy with a tangy, sweet-tart flavor. Stores very well. Somewhat susceptible to fireblight.