Sprayer Calibration


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    Sprayer Calibration

    The arsenal against weed and insect pests is ever changing. Links on this page will provide you with tools that can help make the tasks more productive, safer, and more environmentally friendly.

    Boom Sprayer Calibration

    Calculations for boom sprayer calibration are tedious at best. This Boom Sprayer Calibration Spreadsheet was designed by Ron Patterson, Carbon County Extension Agent to help take the headache out of calibration calculations. For older versions of Excel click here. There are three worksheets in the spreadsheet. The first contains instructions on how to use the spreadsheet. The second worksheet is the data worksheet for boom sprayers with 20 or less nozzles. The third worksheet is for larger boom sprayers (over 20-120 nozzles). The larger worksheet can be used for any-sized boom sprayer, but it is quite tedious having to constantly scroll up and down. The second and third worksheets can be printed so you can record the data collected in the calibration exercise. After the data has been collected you can go back to the second or third worksheet and enter the data so the computer can do the calculations for you. Be sure to indicate whether you are collecting data in ounces or milliliters and whether your speed measurements are in mhp or 200 foot timed measurement.  Click on the link above to download the spreadsheet and then save it to your own computer for repeated use.

    Here is a calibration video showing the calibration and data entry process

    Handcan Sprayer Calibration

    Handcan or backpack sprayers are frequently used for spot spraying. The need for calibrating hand-held sprayers is just as great as for large boom sprayers. This

    Handcan Sprayer Calibration Spreadsheet

    is another  Excel spreadsheet tool designed by Ron Patterson to help with the calculations needed to calibrate and mix pesticides for single-nozzle hand-held sprayers.