Junior Livestock Program

Cache County Junior Livestock Auction

When: Saturday, August 8, 2015, buyer registration at 8:30 am, Auction at 9:00 am

Thank you to everyone that came out to support Cache Valley's Youth

Each year over 450 of Cache Valley’s youth participate in the Junior Livestock Program raising market animals for the County Fair. The youth learn essential life skills like responsibility, compassion, and the humane treatment of animals. They learn cooperation, leadership and community service through participation in 4-H clubs or FFA Chapters.
The Cache County Junior Livestock Committee invites you to come out in support of the youth by supporting the Junior Livestock Auction. Proceeds of the auction help fund educations and other goals the young people have set out to achieve. Please join with us in support of Cache Valley’s youth.

Ways to Buy

Buy Back- Buyers not wanting to keep their purchased animal pay only the difference between the final bid price and resale value listed in the program based on the floor prices set by livestock markets. The floor buyer (packer) will take the animal and the successful bidder pays only the support amount. The floor price will be published in the sale program.
For example, suppose you bid $400 for 100 pound lamb. The floor price is $1.00/lb, the buy back price then $100. Your cost = $300
Home Use- You can purchase the entire animal for your freezer or a company party.  You pay the total sale price bid at the time of the sale.  Simply indicate on your auction slip who you want to do the processing.  Bid price does not include processing fees. Buyer is responsible to confirm all processing arrangements.

Buyers’ Pool- Individual and/or businesses commit a dollar amount to the pool. The buyers’ pool will then bid on and purchase animals, leveraging the available money to maximize the benefit to participating youth.

Potential buyers or boosters can download the Auction Flier/Boost form or if the business is boosting several youth exhibitors please use the business form and list all of the youth and the amount of your support using that form and return to the Auction clerk or bring into the USU Extension Office by the Monday following the auction.  Those wishing to participate in the Auction will find it a rewarding experience and will witness the effort and bond the youth have developed with his/her project animal.  You will be able to obtain a buyer number at the registration table anytime prior to or during the auction.  We thank you in advance for your support.

2014 Cache County Junior Livestock Champions

Grand Champion Lamb exhibited by Trae LaRocco,  son of Nic and Maria LaRocco. 

Purchased by Big O Tires, Tolman Construction, Poulsen Trailer Sales, K Bar M Company, Century Equipment, Mountain Valley Motor and Pump Sales and Nielsen Show Lambs for $1,500.

         Reserve Champion Lamb exhibited by             Tyk Goodey, son of Ted and Maja Goodey. 

Purchased by Les Schwab Tire Centers for $650.


Grand Champion Hog exhibited by Wells Thompson, son of Marty and Monica Thompson. 

Purchased by Smith and Edwards for $3,200.

Reserve Champion Hog exhibited by Adrian Merrill, son of Staton and Michelle Merrill. 

Purchased by Lifestyle Homes  for $1,700.


Grand Champion Dairy Heifer exhibited by Matti Leak, daughter of Matt and Lena Leak. 

Purchased by Davis Livestock for $3,500.

Reserve Champion Dairy Heifer exhibited by Kirston Jenson, daughter of Justin and Lori Jenson. 

Purchased by Renegade Sports, Prime International, Village Inn and BR Cattle for $3,200.


Grand Champion Steer exhibited by Preston Page, son of Rod and Heather Page.

Purchased by Building Specialties, Lifestyle Homes, LKL Associates, Sierra Homes and Wall to Wall Painting for $6,825.

Reserve Champion Steer exhibited by Kody Downs son of Todd and Kara Downs.

Purchased by LaMont Poulsen for $4,100.



Cache County Junior Livestock Program

The Cache Junior Livestock program provides an opportunity for 4-H and FFA youth to raise and sell a market beef, lamb, hog or a commercial dairy heifer at the Cache County Fair Junior Livestock Auction.  Youth must be enrolled in 4-H or participating in an FFA program at Mountain Crest or Sky View High School.  

 Each year, many of the same questions come up regarding participation in the market livestock program.  Here are some general guidelines.  Contact the 4-H Office for a complete list of guidelines and rules.  Please enroll in 4-H early to assure that you receive important project information.

Age – All exhibitors must be in the third grade, and not less than 8 years of age on October 1, of the 4-H year.  (The 4-H year is from October 1 through September 30)

Group Affiliation – Exhibitors must be enrolled in 4-H or FFA when beginning the project.

Tagging/Weigh-in – All market animals must be tagged on the designated dates set by the Junior Livestock Committee.  2015 Market Livestock Tag In Information

Brand Inspection - Utah law requires a Brand Inspection Certificate for changes of ownership for cattle.  If you purchase an animal, make sure the seller provides this certificate.

Do Own Work - Each exhibitor must do his/her own work in caring for, feeding, training, and fitting for show, as much as they are capable.  Parents, club or project leaders, FFA advisers may assist, but the exhibitor is primarily responsible for the project animal.

Code of Ethics – All exhibitors must comply with the code of ethics that includes the following: humane training, fitting, showing, and/or handling practices. Commitment to Excellence Form

Presentation of Animal – Animals that are not clean, fitted and controllable by the exhibitor can be sifted from competition by ring officials and/or department chairmen.  Animals not feed/watered  or in dirty pens or stalls can also be sifted at any time.

Market Animal Weights – Market animals must meet the minimum weight requirements to show and sale in the Market Livestock Sale.

Multiple Animals - An exhibitor can tag in two animals in each species at the beginning of the year. Exhibitors may exhibit two animals of any combination at the fair show, and sell only one animal. 

Participation – All youth exhibitors must show and sale their own project animals to be eligible to sell in the market auction.

Report Form – All 4-H exhibitors must submit a current and completed project report form prior to release of payment for animals sold at the sale.  Youth will be given a record form at tag-in or they can be picked up in the 4-H office.  Print out the  4-H Junior Livestock Record Book or a fillable form version that the 4-Her can complete then print out.

2014 Junior Livestock Fair Ribbons and Premiums

All premium money must be picked up by September 1

The Cache County Fair Manager, Jill Zollinger, required all Junior Livestock exhibit premium money be processed through the fair management software program and the premium money was distributed at the fair or is now available at the Cache County Treasurer's Office, 179 North Main Street, Suite 201.   

The following documents will help exhibitors determine the amount he/she has earned through the Market (quality) Show and the Showmanship contests.  Premium Values for Junior Livestock projects are:  Blue Ribbon = $11.00, Red Ribbon = $9.00 and White Ribbon = $7.00.  Click here for an alphabetical listing of junior livestock project quality judging placement.

Showmanship classes pay out based on how an individual places in his/her showmanship class as follows: first place pays $10, second place $9, third place $8 and so on, to ninth place and below pays $2.  you can check the following lists to see where individuals placed in the shows.

Hog Showmanship Results      Lamb Showmanship Results   Beef Showmanship Results

Hog Rate of Gain     Rate of Gain winners; First Place -  CJ McDonald, Second Place - Bode Richman, Third Place - Kaden Hart                     

Lamb Rate of Gain  Rate of Gain winners; First Place -  Landon Bassett, Second Place - Luke Dustin, Third Place - Nicholas Nelson               

Steer Rate of Gain  Rate of Gain winners; First Place -  Caleb Smith, Second Place - Erin Wangsgard, Third Place - Shelby Hamilton


2015 tag in information 

2014 Junior Livestock Auction Flier and Boost Form 

Junior Livestock Auction Boost Form (Business Boost Form)

Junior Livestock Ambassador Application 

2014 Junior Livestock Champions, Buyers and Supporters

2013 Junior Livestock Champions, Buyers, Supporters

2012 Junior Livestock Champions, buyers and supporters

2011 Junior Livestock Champions, buyers, supporters

2010 Junior Livestock Show Champions and Supporters

2009 Junior Livestock Show Champions

4-H & FFA Junior Livestock Rule Book

4-H Junior Livestock Record Book

4-H Junior Livestock Record Book fillable version

Commitment to Excellence Form

 Project Pig Production Planner

Lamb Project Planner



Junior Livestock Scholarship

The Cache County Junior Livestock Auction Committee offers an academic scholarship to graduating seniors who have participated in the Junior Livestock program.  To be eligible for the scholarship youth must have:

·         participated in the Junior Livestock program for at least 2 of the past three years, either through FFA or 4-H.
·         be in the 12th grade as of January 1 of this year. Youth not planning to attend college in the fall, but plan to enroll in the future should apply now and if awarded, the scholarship amount will be deferred until the student enrolls. 
Applications will be reviewed with consideration given to career goals relative to agriculture-related business or industry, leadership experiences, involvement in extra curricular programs and financial need.     
Amount of the scholarship award is dependent on the number of qualified recipients.  Scholarship is valid toward tuition, fees, and books at an accredited college or university. 
This scholarship is valid only for the student’s Freshman year.
Applications must be returned to the Extension Office by March 1, of the application year, by 5:00 PM for consideration.



 Utah State Junior Livestock Show Association

The Utah State Junior Livestock Show Association provides additional opportunities for youth to participate in livestock shows throughout Utah.  Rules and tagging information may vary from Cache County Junior Livestock Show rules.  For more information contact the Cache County 4-H office.

 State Sponsored Show Information including the State Fair

Utah State University "Aggie Classic" Information