Plum/Prune Varieties for Box Elder County

(listed according to maturity date)

Santa Rosa - large Japanese plum has deep crimson skin. Flesh is purple to yellow. Good for dessert or canning. Use another Japanese plum for good pollination.

Satsuma – Japanese plum with red juice. Fruit is small to medium, with dull, dark red skin. It has mild red flesh and a small pit. Use for dessert or preserves.

Shiro – Medium to large Japanese plum is round, yellow and good flavored. Use fresh or for cooking. Heavy producing tree.

Green Gage – greenish yellow European fruit has amber flesh. Fruit is good fresh, cooked or preserved. Self-pollinating.

Stanley – most widely planted European plum has large, dark blue fruit with richly flavored yellow flesh. Self-pollinating.

Elephant Heart – mottled dark crimson colored skin, rich firm, red, juicy flesh. One of the best tasting plums with extremely sweet flavor. Japanese variety has clingstone fruit.

Italian Prune – dark blue European plum is very sweet and good for dessert, canning, or drying. Self-pollinating.

Brooks – excellent eating European prune. Keeps well, great for dehydrating. Self-pollinating.

President – large, dark blue European fruit with amber flesh. Lacks outstanding flavor, used for cooking and canning. Use another European plum as pollinator.

Potawatame – native plum usually growing along fencerows. Good plum for preserves.