Codling Moth

Codling Moth (CM) causes wormy apples and pears in Box Elder County. Codling Moth LarvaeIn the chart below is the recommeded spray period for codling moth larvae for different areas of Box Elder County. It is critical to maintain some sort of control program from the projected beginning spray date until the end of the spray period.

 Backyard home orchards can find various control options by clicking on the Home Orchard Pest Management Guide link found under the FRUIT TREE PRODUCTION link. It is important for homeowners to read and follow the product label to keep your fruit worm free from this pest.

More information about codling moths can be found by clicking on the following fact sheets. FACT SHEET #1 and FACT SHEET #2. If you have questions, please call the Utah State University Extension Office at 435-695-2542. 

Current as of 5/24/13              

Willard, Brigham City and Perry areas will be starting 1st generation of the Codling Moth egg hatch on Monday, May 27.   Commercial fruit growers and homeowners are going to want to spray apple and pear trees for this insect pest starting on this date.

Tremonton area residents do not need to spray at this time.