Box Elder County has some of the most productive soils in Utah that are used for wheat, corn grain and silage, barley, oats, safflower, alfalfa and onion production.  Soils along the benches of the mountains from Willard to Brigham City support fruit tree production of apricots, sweet and tart cherries, peaches, pears and apples.

Box Elder County was the number one county in total grain production for the State of Utah and was the State’s largest producer of winter wheat in 2003, producing 59 percent of the State total. Box Elder County growers produced more than  2.5 million bushels of wheat on the fertile drylands and irrigated fields. The county is also number one or in the top five counties for barley, spring wheat, corn grain and silage and alfalfa and other hay production.

Box Elder County ranks #1 in Utah in beef cattle inventory at about 40,500 head which also ranks 88th in the nation.  The county is also home to 10,000 dairy cows and 35,600 head of sheep.


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