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    Pear Varieties for Box Elder County

    Bartlett – medium to large, thin skinned familiar pear. Sweet, tender flesh is fine for eating and canning. Trees bare when young and are very productive. Partially self fertile, but produces more with cross pollination.

    Anjou – Large, green fruit. Firm flesh has a mild flavor and not especially juicy. Sores well, good for fresh eating or canning.

    Bosc – Long, narrow fruit with russet color. Flesh is firm, crisp with heavy perfume. Good fresh, canned and especially fine for cooking.

    Seckel – small, yellow-brown fruit has the finest aroma and flavor of any home garden pear. Eat fresh or whole for spiced preserves. Fireblight resistant tree.

    Nijisseiki (Twentieth Century) - Asian pear with sweet taste, slightly tart. Green skinned and round. Heavy producing tree may need to be thinned in early summer to promote good sized fruit.

    Chojuro – russet skinned fruit with strong flavor. Fruit is very firm and stores well.

    Shenseiki – Yellow skinned with mild, good flavor. Earliest maturing Asian pear should be picked when skin turns yellow.