First things first. Before you can build your financial future you need to take care of your personal and financial present.  No, not the gift kind of present; e are talking about the
here and now.

A few questions to get started.

Personal Life
Do I have a good to excellent credit score?
Is my personal debt manageable?
Am I healthy and physically able?
Do I have great family support?

Your Idea
Do I have a well defined target market?
Does my idea solve a common problem?
Do I have training or experience in this area?

Do I have personal assets of value that I am willing to risk such as a home, land and savings?
Can I start this business without borrowing money?
Do I have family or partners willing to finance me?
Do I have a great relationship with my banker?

These questions just scratch the surface of business preparation.

If you answered more questions with a "yes," go to the full assessment: 

 Small Business Readiness Assessment Tool  

If you have answered no more than yes, additional information to help improve personal financial management is available.