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    Mark's Newsletter 2018

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    USU Extension Beaver County office builds agricultural programs to provide educational opportunities for youth and adults. A few of his programs include:

    • Soil, crop and water testing.  (Forms needed for these services are linked for your convenience, or are available at the Extension Office.)
    • Pest management of weevil, grasshoppers, mormon crickets, gophers and ground squirrels.
    • Water quality and quantity.

    Other programs include:

    • Woody Biomass Field days; a program focused on utilization of pinyon and juniper pine for fuel.
    • Sweep Net Sampling; a program to aid alfalfa producers in monitoring weevil and other bug infestations.
    • Range Trials spanning 12 years to identify which range grasses do best in our area.
    • Watershed Day; a youth program committed to improving the Beaver River Watershed.
    • Ag in the Classroom; a county wide program introducing many aspects of agriculture.

    Analysis Forms

    Please call the USU Extension Beaver County Office with any questions at (435) 438-6450.