How to Put PowerPoints on iPads

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    How to Put PowerPoints on iPads

     iBooks (free from iTunes Store)allows you to look at individual pages, re-size with your fingers and scroll horizontally or vertically. This also make it a good way to easily put PowerPoint presentations on iPads, just convert to PDF (you may need the full version of Adobe Acrobat to do this depending on your computer operating system) 

    Note: this will not support fancy transitions; just slide to slide scrolling 

    1. Make sure you have the most recent version of iTunes on your computer and iPad

    2. Open iTunes on your computer>open Books>open PDF tab >>Note<<  you won't see the books tab until you have at least one book or PDF on there

    3. drag and drop all the files into the iTunes PDF section. 

    4. Make sure you have downloaded the iBooks app from the Apple store (it's free) to your iPad 

    5. Plug the iPad into your computer; open it and navigate to "books" > select sync all books or the ones you choose. 

    6. disconnect and they should be there when you open the iBooks app>collections>PDFs


    By: Dennis Hinkamp - May 1, 2013