Draft Letter

    Draft Letter

    Draft Version of Letter to Teacher of Visiting School Group


    Dear ------:

    We appreciate your interest in visiting an animal rearing facility at Utah State University and look forward to accommodating your group of children. Farm animals, especially young ones, are interesting and fun to observe. However, some precautions are advised during the visit of your group.

    Please instruct the attending visitors that intestinal infections may be transmitted from young farm animals to children, the elderly, and persons with compromised immune systems. This may occur even though the animals appear entirely healthy. We request that all who attend follow the guidelines below during their visit.

    1. Stay in designated areas and pathways.
    2. Wear Afoot covers@ provided to keep their personal footwear clean. Request assistance if their footwear becomes soiled.
    3. Do not pet any of the animals, or put hands into pens.
    4. Do not eat food in the animal areas. Wash hands thoroughly after visiting the animal areas.
    5. Assist children to discard foot covers after leaving the animal areas. Also assist them to wash their hands in the area provided.
    6. Please do not allow toddlers to pet the animals or walk in the animal areas.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the precautions listed above, please contact us prior to your visit.