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    Johne's Disease Funding

    The Utah State Legislature has established funding for laboratory testing of 30 cows per herd for Johne's Disease. Herds that test negative may qualify for Status Level One of the Utah Johne's Disease Herd Status Program. Such a designation is an indication to other livestock owners and consumers that your herd does not have Johne's Disease (at a confidence level of 85%). Herds that are found to have Johne's Disease present can then implement a disease control program. Funding for the tests will be available after July 1, 2001, but is limited to the first 200 herds who apply.


    Make application to participate in the program to the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. Applications may be obtained from your veterinarian or county extension agent or from the Department by calling (801) 538-7161. Test tubes and information will be sent to your veterinarian.

    Have your veterinarian collect blood samples from 30 cows (randomly selected from those which have had at least two calves). Your veterinarian will send the samples to the Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Logan, for testing. The veterinarian will bill you for his services but not for test tubes or laboratory fees. The Department will pay for test tubes and laboratory fees through the legislative funding.

    The laboratory will report test results to the Department and your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will not be required to release the identity of your farm without your permission, based on veterinarian-client confidentiality.

    Perform a Johne's Disease Risk Assessment of your farm with your veterinarian, based on the results of your testing and based on farm inputs and management practices. Identify potential points of risk on your farm for Johne's Disease.

    Develop a Johne's Disease Management Plan with your veterinarian that addresses the elements of risk identified in your Risk Assessment. This plan should be used by you and your veterinarian to remain free of Johne's Disease or to control and eliminate the disease from your herd if the herd is already infected. The Utah Cattle Health Assurance Plan (UCHAP) can aid you in this. Individually identify all animals on the premise.

    If the test results are all negative, you may wish to apply for Status Level One of the Utah Johne's Disease Herd Status Program. Application should be made to the Utah Johne's Advisory Committee by submitting your negative test results as well as a copy of the Risk Assessment, your Disease Management Plan, and a cover letter requesting such status. Send the application to:

    Utah Johne's Disease Advisory Committee
    Utah Department of Agriculture and Food
    P.O. Box 146500
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6500