Feed Management

    Feed Management

    Example of the effective use of feed management
    If a dairy cow is fed 0.04 percent above recommended levels of dietary phosphorus she will excrete an additional six pounds of phosphorus annually.  For a herd of 500 cows, this is an additional 3,000 pounds of phosphorus per year.  In a single cropping system, corn silage is about 0.2 percent phosphorus on a dry matter basis.  For a field yielding 30 tons of silage per acre, at 30 percent dry matter, this is 36 pounds of phosphorus in the crop.  If an additional 3,000 pounds of phosphorus are recovered in manure it takes considerably more land for application in manure is applied on a phosphorus basis.

    -Dr. Deanne Meyer, Livestock Waste Management Specialist, Cooperative Extension, University of California

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