Agriculture Resource Development Loans (ARDL)

    Agriculture Resource Development Loans (ARDL)


    Low-interest Agricultural Resource Development Loans (ARDL) are administered by the Department of Agriculture under the direction of the Utah Conservation Commission. The ARDL program provides low interest loans to farmers and ranchers for conservation and pollution control projects. Some examples of eligible projects are: animal manure management, riparian improvement, range land improvement, reseeding watershed and wind erosion control.


    • Conserve soil and water resources
    • Increase agricultural yields for croplands, orchards, pasture, range, and livestock
    • Maintain and improve water quality
    • Conserve and/or develop on-farm energy
    • Reduce damages to agriculture as a result of flooding, drought, or other natural disaster

    Payment Limitations
    ARDL loans are made for a maximum of 12 years at 3% interest with a one-time administration fee of 4%.
    Payments may be made in annual, quarterly, or monthly installments.

    How to Apply
    An application can be obtained from you local Conservation Service Office, or from the Utah Department of Agriculture.