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Posted by: Sarah Drollette on Dec 31, 2009

2009 Custom Rates Survey Report


Many agricultural producers in Utah hire others to perform some custom farm work in order to accomplish all the tasks necessary to ensure success in their agricultural business. Similarly, some farmers also provide custom work for others. The purpose of this report is to provide agricultural producers with current information regarding rates for custom farming operations in Utah.
The custom rates reported in this publication were obtained from surveys distributed at crop schools and sent by mail to 299 farmers, custom operators, agricultural bankers and other agricultural professionals. The response rate for the survey was 15%. Table 1 summarizes the percent of survey respondents categorized as agricultural producers, custom operators, bankers or other agricultural professionals. In some cases, survey responses were disregarded if it was clear the respondent interpreted the information in a different manner than the majority of the other respondents. 
Reported Rates
The custom rates reported are those charged or paid during 2009. An average rate for all responses is given as well as a range of the responses including the lowest rate and the highest rate reported. The number of responses for each custom operation is also provided. In most cases, the number of responses was less than ten and for many specific custom operations only one response is reported. More observations would be necessary to perform further statistical analysis.  Because of the low survey response rate, custom rates reported in this publication should be used only as a guide. Actual rates in different areas of the state are likely to vary somewhat due to different field conditions, variations in supply and demand, location and other area-specific variables.


Table 1. Respondent Information
Percent of Respondents*
Agricultural Producer
Custom Operator
Agricultural Producers and Custom Operator
Custom Operator and Banker

        *Percentages may not be exact due to rounding.




The full 2009 custom rates report is available at: https://extension.usu.edu/agribusiness/htm/budgets 




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