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Posted by: Sarah Drollette on Aug 30, 2011

Achieving Success in Agriculture Conference to Help Young, Beginning Producers Prepare for Success

Some things in agriculture never change.  It has always taken hard work and commitment to raise animals and grow crops. But some things do change, like prices, land values, weather, technology, and the economic stability of the country.  The list could go on and on.  With increasing volatility in the agricultural industry, it is not sufficient to just plant a crop and watch it grow.  Today’s farmers need to know how national and global events could affect their local operations, how they can use technology and other programs available to reduce their risks, how to use marketing tools to get the most for their efforts, and, in general, how to achieve success in an ever-changing agricultural industry.

As part of the College of Agriculture sponsored Ag Month, the Department of Applied Economics has organized a conference to address some of these issues.  The Achieving Success in Agriculture Conference will be held September 16-17 and is designed to provide agriculture students and young, beginning agricultural producers with knowledge and tools to help them achieve success in their agricultural business endeavors.  The conference will focus on topics such as business planning, small farm profit, marketing, insurance products, Farm Service Agency beginning farmers programs, excel in agriculture, taxes and more.  Several young producers will share their experiences related to developing their successful businesses and conference attendees will be able to participate in a question and answer discussion with the panel members to provide additional insights.

This and other educational opportunities can help today’s young farmers be more prepared for the future.  For more information about this conference, please visit: apecextension.usu.edu/asac.


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