There are numerous sources of software for farms and ranches.  There is a list of many of these software programs on the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development web site.


    The IRM Red Book is now available on an Excel spreadsheet.  It can be downloaded for free on this site (see the table below).
    You can purchase a mini Cd with the file from the NCBA for $5.

    A useful set of excel spreadsheets are also available at Montana State Extenison Economics
        Spreadsheets on Financial Analysis, Machinery Costs (custom rate estimator)
        Cropping Decisions, Livestock Decisions, & Marketing are available on the site.


    The software at this site complements these and other sources.  Many of these programs can be modified for other areas but are written primarily for Utah producers.

     This software is distributed subject to the following conditions:

    1. There are no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the use of these programs.  All such warranties are expressly and specifically disclaimed.
    2. Utah State University nor any of its employees assume any liability or responsibility to any person or entity for damage caused or alleged to be caused either directly or indirectly by the programs furnished.
    3. Programs may be removed, modified, updated or added without notice.
    4. All programs are provided as “public domain” software.
    5. By downloading and using this software, you agree to the preceding conditions.


    Type of File
    Brief Description
    Excel Crop Insurance Decision Aid This large excel spreadsheet has many pages. It is designed to allow a farmer to enter production data for his/her operation and determine the potential profitability of purchasing various crop insurance products. Crop enterprise budgets for all major crops grown in the state by county that can be insured are included.
      Irrigation Cost Estimator

    This program allows a producer in Utah to estimate the cost (per acre or acre foot) of pumping water applied to most areas in Utah.

    Excel NCBA Red Book This excel spreadsheet allows a beef producer to monitor herd performance