Weber Association of Master Gardeners

Once students are enrolled in the Master Gardener Course, they are eligible to join the Weber Association of Master Gardeners.
  • This community club is open to all Master Gardeners.
  • It provides interaction with other Master Gardeners at monthly activities that stimulate, instruct and encourage gardening skills.
  • Activities consist of classes, tours, workshops and an annual wildflower tour, apple tasting, fall social/barbecue, Easter family activity, Plant Sale at the Ogden Botanical Gardens and much more. 
  • A quarterly newsletter provides interesting garden-related articles and calendar items. 
  • Post cards are mailed to members to notify them of activities. 
  • Elections for officers are held yearly.
  • Memberships are effective from January 1 through December 31 each year.
    Send membership requests to:
                    Weber County Utah State University Extension
                    1181 North Fairgrounds Drive
                    Ogden, UT 84404-3100
*For more information about the Weber Associaton of Master Gardeners, call (801) 399-8201 or contact any of the 2010 officers:
Ruby Raccasi Past President
Lorna Gehrig President
Carolyn White President Elect
Clark Baldwin Secretary

Kathy Bardwell Treasurer
Gloria Standing Notification Chair 
Bob Saunders Education Chair
Teri Hinckley Clothing Order Chair
Beverly Adams Hospitality Chair


Membership Chair


Scott Jones Newsletter Editor