4-H Enrollment

Join 4-H

Find an existing club that is working on a project area that interest you and has room for new members.  -OR- Find a project area that interests you, gather some friends together, an adult willing to be your leader, and start a new club!  The Discover 4-H clubs curriculum is a great way to get started.

Enroll as a 4-H member ONLINE!

Have FUN!  Take advantage of leadership opportunities by serving as a club officer.  Also watch for events that give you a chance to share what you've learned, including State and County Fairs for all 4-H members and State Contests for 9-12th graders!

4-H Enrollment

Enrollment is ONLINE at ut.4honline.com

To get started, each 4-H family will need to set up a family account.  Each family club is required to have an adult leader.  Once the leader registration is completed and approved you can add family members to your account (this is where you will add clubs and projects).  Once the leader is added we will create a family club with your leaders last name example:  Christensen Family Club.  If you would like a specific name for your club please call or email Kami Jo.

Re-Enrollment:  If you were a 4-H member the previous year (2013-2014) you do NOT need to create a family account.  You will enter the email address you used last year (if you don't remember call 801-829-3472).  You will also be required to have an adult leader for your family club.  See above information.  You will not be able to complete registration until leader is approved.

Please call Kami Jo if you have any questions at 801-829-3472 or email kamijo.sandall@usu.edu

4-H Fees

Fees for Morgan County 4-H are $4.00 per youth annually.  For youth enrolled in the 4-H Horse Program the fee is $5.00 annually.  The $4.00 fee does not have to be paid for each separate 4-H program.  Some programs may require a registration fee for the class.  Once you pay the fee per youth you are paying to be in the 4-H program in Morgan County.  4-H fees can be paid online by going to http://goo.gl/zDVrgt after you have completed online registration.  Other options to pay fees:

Option 1:  Stop by the Extension office located in the Morgan County Courthouse, 48 West Young Street and pay with cash, check or credit card.

Option 2:  Pay over the phone with credit card 801-829-3472 

Option 3:  Send a check payable to "Morgan County 4-H"  for the total fee amount and mail to:  Morgan County 4-H, P.O. Box 886, Morgan, UT 84050

***Credit Card Payments are completed through Eventrbrite.  Receipts are emailed for your records and ours.***